Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2

I have wrapped up 2 weeks of class. The past week was really busy with trying to catch up on reading and a quick trip home.

Classes are going well. My favorite so far is probably my youth ministry class. Every week I feel like I am learning information that is useful. I also like that teacher. The class is very interactive, and surprisingly I speak up in class. I'm not normally one to answer questions or converse with the teacher, but it's like I'm already talking before I realize that I don't like to talk in class.

I went home Thursday because I had an appt. with my dermatologist on Friday. Dang adult acne. Thursday I spent hours working on homework. Friday I did homework in the dr.'s office then headed off to KB's to visit with her, Jay, and Rory. Oh that Rory!! She is so precious, even if she did pass gas on me all day. She even "did a worship" for me (raised her hand in the air like she was worshiping). Oh...and she smiled. She was sleeping and stretching and a smile spread across her face. It was quite possibly THE cutest thing I have EVER seen. She loves me. I came back to school yesterday (Saturday) because I kept getting texts and fb messages from my friends asking when I was coming back. They all missed me...or so they said, lol. I was happy to get back and happy to see all the girls.

I must share with you coffee drinkers some new deliciousness I learned about last night. One of my friends here works at Starbucks so she gets free coffee beans all the time. Last night she was grinding the coffee and added cinnamon to it. She brewed a pot of the cinnamon coffee this morning so I poured myself a cup, added creamer, and BAM it tastes just like a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. I had been wanting a Starbucks drink for forever but haven't made it there yet. Now, I don't have to go.

Alright, this is long enough. So far I am doing well at updating weekly. We'll see how it goes after this. I hope everyone has a great week. If you pray for me, I ask you pray that I will A) get caught up on homework B) not stress out about homework C) quit eating when I'm not hungry and D) get a good sleep schedule so I'm not tired all the time. Thanks! :)

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Erika J. said...

sounds like you are doing well in kentucky! :) i'm glad.