Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year, A New Season, Same Blog Title

Once again, I have neglected this blog. Each time I come back, I hope to be more consistent in posting and more cohesive. I have a plan or schedule in mind for how/what I post, but I have never followed up on it. And so each post almost feels like a re-start of the blog.

It seems like often people change the title of their blogs or start a completely new blog as they transition into new seasons of life, but in almost seven years of this blog I have never felt the need to change my title. I think about what it means and how it relates to my life, and it just seems to still fit.

So where did I get the title? It's a line from an episode of Gilmore Girls, my favorite show at the time I created this blog. It is Rory (the daughter's) tongue-in-cheek response to her mom (Lorelai) waking her up by doing something silly. I always liked that line, and I am totally storing up memories for the tell-all I plan to write some day (if only in my head...). Plus, it reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

This blog is the story of me (why DO so many of us feel compelled to share our often unremarkable stories through blogging?) trying to make sense of life, glorify God, and raise my daughter (due any day now) in love, grace, and joy. It is a way to remember, reflect, and recharge. I am learning to rest in God's grace and be the woman he created me to be.

(And I really like parenthesis.)