Monday, December 13, 2010

The Proposal!

As most people know by now, Micah and I are engaged! He proposed on his birthday, December 7th. We had spent the evening celebrating his birthday at Texas Roadhouse (his favorite). When we got back to his dorm he suggested that we go to the prayer room downstairs and pray together. Considering we hadn't taken the time to pray together or share what God is teaching us in a good while, I thought this was a good idea. When we were about to pray, Micah said "Before we pray..." and then got down on one knee. To say I was taken off guard is an understatement. The ring box was closed so I thought he was kidding. I just assumed there wasn't a ring in the box. I kept asking if he was joking. This frustrated him until he finally said, "Would you shut up and let me propose to you?!?" At that point I realized he was serious and let him say everything he planned to say. I hugged him and kissed him and then realized I hadn't said yes or even seen the ring yet. So I said "Oh wait I guess I better say yes and put the ring on!" So I did and we spent a few minutes together before we started calling and texting people. When I got back to my dorm, I flashed my ring as I walked in and the girls SCREAMED and were so excited for us. The rest of the evening people came in and out of my room hugging me, squealing, and telling me congratulations. It was really fun. I don't have any pictures from the evening except the one that is my facebook profile picture. We have set the date for May 28, 2011, and I am hoping for a smallish wedding. We are so excited, and I am so blessed to have a man like Micah. He is nothing I would have been able to choose for myself but everything I need and want. God has done so much in our lives, individually and together, in the little over a year we have been together. I am grateful!

PS- I love my ring!