Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh by gosh, by golly

I have so. much. reading. Yuuck! I need to get 18 hours worth of reading and note taking done before I go home on Thursday (I have a dr. appt. on Friday) so I will be all caught up. I planned on taking a short nap this afternoon, but it turned into a 3 hour nap. Ooops. I will just spend the rest of the evening reading/taking notes. It wasn't going so well earlier, and I got a bit discouraged.

I guess I should write a bit about life here in The Tucky. I live with a girl named Liz who is super nice and normal (that's always important...ha!). There are 2 other girls in my suite, and 5 other girls in the other suite on our side of the hall. I like them all, and we regularly eat lunch and/or dinner together. I have classes with several of them, too, so that is a big plus. Wilmore is a tiny town and is bascially just the seminary and the college. Speaking of the college...we have to eat dinner in their cafeteria. All dorm residents had to buy a meal plan, but the seminary cafeteria only serves lunch. So, any other meals have to be eaten at the college. The food is better there, so it's not a big deal. Anyway...Wilmore is about 10 minutes to a bigger town and about 20 to Lexington. So, everything is really close. I am very thankful for that! Luckily, the Target isn't too close to here, so I'm not tempted to go in randomly and spend money that I should be saving! :)

As far as school, I am taking 3 classes this semester (9 hours): Basic Christian Theology, Foundations of Youth Ministry, and Kingdom, Church, & World. My Basic Christian Theology is a TON of work, but we (my dorm mate Ashleigh and I) love, love, love our prof. I have a big paper and a bigger project in Foundations of Youth Ministry, but the weekly reading assignments aren't too bad. KCW isn't a hard class (even our prof. told us that). There are at least 6 girls I know in that class. We have to read books and write papers on them and do small group work. I think I will enjoy KCW a lot.

We all really like chapel. Usually the messages are so interesting and just plain good. The music varies from hymns to contemporary stuff. The hymns kinda rock my world because we use the United Methodist hymnal (we are a Wesleyan school), so I don't know a lot of them OR I've never sung the versions they sing. I like the hymns, though, and it's really cool to see people worshiping to both hymns and contemporary songs the same way.

I really really really like it here. I miss people from home (none more than Rory...oh my heart), but I know this is where God has placed me, and he has surrounded me with great new friends. I know you all have been praying for me. I appreciate it more than you know, and it has made my transitition here so much smoother. Plus, I got that scholarship! God is faithful, and He does provide!

I haven't felt like writing much until now because I had been so tired. I guess I finally got caught up on sleep and started feeling better yesterday. I will update as the semester goes along, at least once a week...if I'm not just swamped with homework. Thanks again for the prayers. I hope everyone has a great week.

PS: I took my nose ring out. I was afraid it had a cut or sore that I couldn't see (it did). AAAND it is just too dang hard to have a nose ring when you have allergies like I do. Makes for a hard time blowing your nose (tmi?)! :)

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