Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, well. It's been a week or 2 since my last post. Not much has been happening. I went to Memphis for a week to visit my ex-roommate's sister and her family. Then, I came home and had my annual freak out. During this time I cry, vent, generally feel bad about myself and my abilities, and cry some more. It lasted a couple of days, and now all is well. I got an answer to prayer...yay! I also kept my kids (so sweet)!

Not much on the agenda for this week except to get things completely put away before I have to start packing again. 3 more weeks until the big move to KY! I find out my who my roommate is this week. I am praying she's really nice and not weird, haha. I am really looking forward to seminary! My blog title and posts will probably change then to focusing on my life as a seminary student. We'll see.

I hope all is well with everyone!

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