Sunday, July 26, 2009

a struggle

i have self-esteem issues. i don't know any woman my age who doesn't. i think this stems from not knowing our identities in Christ. we look for happiness and worth in a million other places, whether we are aware of it or not.

my struggle is looking for my worth only in Christ. i tend to look elsewhere. i'm not sure i even know what it means to find my worth or identity in Christ, though i've grown up in church.

my dad makes the observation that i let guys run my life...or however he words it (meaning, i make certain people a priority when they only make me an option). others agree. and it is true. it's not out of love or infatuation, it's out of my need to be needed or wanted. not good. my dad says i of all people shouldn't have low self-esteem. i'm not sure what he means by that...

my question is, whether you are a guy or girl, have you had similar struggles? what did you do to overcome them? how did you find your identity and worth in Christ?

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patty said...

Satan wants us to struggle with our identity in Christ b/c that interferes with our true agenda...furthering the Kingdom.
Your dad is right, you shouldn't have self-esteem issues b/c you are intelligent, beautiful in and out, and have so much going for you. As you search for yourself, especially as you seek Him while in seminary, find your true peace in the deepness of your relationship with Jesus.
Make Him the priority, not others or yourself. This will cure those self-esteem issues b/c you will begin to see yourself through His eyes. Allow Him to have the power, and others won't have any power over you.
Know that I am praying and will continue to do so and that as you seek Him, Satan will be on the warpath.....keep your eyes open and on the prize!