Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lorelai Ann

Karen had Lorelai yesterday at 2:40 p.m. She had to have a c-section, and they had to put her all the way under because the epidural wasn't working adequately. Karen woke up in a lot of pain. She was still hurting pretty bad last night. I haven't heard any updates today.

Lorelai, or Rory as we will probably call her, is beautiful! She has full cheeks and HEALTHY lungs!! That girl is loud! She screamed and screamed when they first brought her out, as they bathed and dressed her, and as they did nothing to her. She finally went to sleep. We got to hold her last night after Karen woke up. She is just precious! I love her, I love her, I love her! Congrats Jay and Karen!! Oh by the way, since Lorelai was born yesterday, she and her daddy have the same birthday! Fun, no?

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patty said...

so cute, and I love the name!