Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, not fun day

Today I shut the car door on my hand. It was bizarre when I turned to see my hand in the closed door. I couldn't feel it. I got inside the church (where I was working), and the pain hit me, along with feeling sick at my stomach and lightheaded. Yuck. Put some bandaids and ice on my fingers. They're much better now. I didn't cry. Yes, I wanted to.

Next, a baby spit up on my foot. It was all over my flip flop and between my toes. Gross.

And finally, I made some roasted (red) potatoes for lunch. They are currently my favorite thing to cook because they are easy and yummy.

Time for a nap!


patty said...

I totally thought you were going to say you burned the potatoes!

Sara said...

Hahaha...that definitely would have fit more with the bad day I was having!

LaDonna said...

Fun Band-Aids always make boo-boos feel better!! Ooh, I love roasted red potatoes too. They're yummy. Made them just last week. Now you've made me want them again. Love you.

Tiffany-Z said...

Ouch! Not fun at all. :(

At least your potatoes were good!