Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Monday...

It has been a long day.

After work, I made some delicious pasta. It took me a while because I am not a whiz in the food prep department. I am more of a throw stuff in the mixer then pour in a pan kind of woman. Chopping and such is not my forte. But, I did have fun and the pasta turned out really well even though I had to modify the recipe a bit. Richie liked it a lot, and I sent most of it home with him because I could never eat all of it. Now, I am headed to bed. I've got the headache I get when I am tired. That usually means I sleep well.


Oh...and my injured fingers are actually doing really well. One is still swollen, but they don't hurt too much. Yay.

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Amanda Bull said...

Amy told me about your hand. I can't imagine. I would have freaked out.