Sunday, June 28, 2009


Tomorrow starts my last 2 days of work. It hasn't sunk in, yet. I think I don't really have time to process stuff right now. I'm leaving work, moving, and going on vacation all in one week. Moving to Kentucky hasn't sunk in either, and probably won't until I get there. I am so excited about all the changes! It is stressful, but not the bad kind of stress. And yes, I cry easily right now. I tend to do that when stressed. But it makes me feel better.

I'm not really worried about anything in regards to moving, except losing my friends here. There are some I've known a looong time who I know will always be here. There are others, though, I'm just not sure about. I know God will send me friends in Kentucky, and I plan to get involved at a church there as soon as I move.

Even though I have one worry, I am filled with so much peace and hope about everything. I know God will take care of it all, and I am trusting him. I appreciate you all praying for me the last several months.

And speaking of prayer requests...I had asked you guys a month or 2 ago to pray for my friend Tommy to find a job before his job ends on Tuesday. Well...he started a new job last week!!! So that means Karen, Kasey, Tommy, and I have all gotten jobs because of God hearing and answering your prayers! It's really cool, if you think about it. Thanks again for the prayers, and don't you dare quit praying for me! :)

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