Friday, October 8, 2010


Oh my word, does anyone else get stress headaches and muscle aches? I had a headache earlier this week, and the rest of the time my neck and shoulders have been so sore and tight. Gee whiz it's uncomfortable. I've been getting stressed about trying to figure out classes for my last 2 semesters here and trying to decide which classes I want to take. There's not much available for Spring semester, which is a bummer.

Moving on...Micah and I are doing well. We have begun spending time each week in prayer and sharing what we have learned in our quiet times throughout the week. We have already grown a lot from when we started. Praying together and completely opening up to each other has been so...awkward. It's much better now than it was at first since trust and understanding have developed. We really love our pastor and his wife (who are actually long-time family friends- the pastor baptized me when I was about 10 or 11). They give great advice, and they are great listeners. Micah and I have no idea what we are doing as the relationship becomes more serious, so getting advice from a wise and godly couple is such a blessing. They speak so much truth and encouragement into our lives. I kinda wonder how Micah and I made it this far without that kind of support.

Well...I need to start my day. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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