Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When It's Time to Change, You've Got to Rearrange

Well, I am finally motivated to clean and organize my room and closet. I bought some storage containers today- one that I am going to use for jewelry and the other(s) for all the miscellaneous junk that accumulates in/on my desk. I am looking forward to getting the room and closet here de-cluttered and getting everything in place in my new room at school. Tomorrow will hopefully be my intense day of cleaning, but I plan on getting some stuff done tonight starting with organizing or getting rid of jewelry and organizing all my "bath stuff." i have a big 3-drawer storage cart that I am going to use for the bath stuff. I can get it all put away now and just remove the drawers and stack them in my car when it's time to move. I'm visiting Micah next week at school, so I plan on taking a load of stuff with me when I go since he will be there to help me move in. I can't wait to see him :).

Speaking of Micah...yesterday I got a letter and a cd (mixtape) in the mail from him. Real mail is always fun, especially when it's a surprise from the person you love. Plus, noone's ever sent me anything like that before.

I feel like the summer has slipped through my fingers, and it's making me kinda sad. I haven't hung out with friends as much as I'd hoped to since I have been trying to save money. I've bought some (needed) clothes. I say needed because I don't have much "nice" stuff (I mostly have t-shirts and slouchy jeans), and I've been trying to invest, little-by-little, in a more grown up wardrobe. I've made some great purchases lately without spending a ton of money, so I'm happy.

I'm looking forward to being very productive with the last part of my summer- cleaning, organizing, simplifying. I feel like God has been challenging me to be less consumeristic and to simplify my life in all areas. It's going to be a challenge, and I've experienced a wide range of emotions while discerning where he is leading me in this area. Part of it may just be guilt because Americans have so much more than most any other countries in the world. Part of it, though, is conviction. I'm excited about the ride God is taking me on. Sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it is so frustrating to get over one hurdle just to encounter another. But, I know it is part of the process of God making me more like Him. I'm thankful He has the patience to not let me stay where/how I am and to keep molding me and changing me, despite my bajillion hurts and hangups. He is patient until the end.

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."
- Philippians 1:6

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