Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still no witty idea for a title

There's not too much going on with me. I watched Lorelai all day Monday. We had tons of fun! :) She is such a good baby, even when she doesn't feel well. The day flew by!

Micah has a big gash in his leg from a chain saw. Not a huge deal except that he probably needs stitches but didn't get it stitched up. That boy gets on my nerves when it comes to his health. He always puts things off. It worries me sometimes, but he's a grown-up. He can take care of himself. (We've officially been dating 7 months today!)

Speaking of men and their health, dad is having a tooth surgically removed today. It has been killing him for a while because his gums are receding and have left a nerve exposed. He went to have it pulled this morning at the regular dentist, but they decided he needed to go to the oral surgeon. So, prayers are appreciated for a quick and painless recovery!

That's about it from around here. Next week will be busy with VBS at my friend Liz's church. I'm doing the preschool story/lesson time. Hopefully it will be a great week!

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