Monday, July 20, 2009

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i suppose an alaska update is due. we left saturday the 4th and got home sunday the 12th. we were traveling a total of 24 hours on each of those days.
  • the first day we slept late, visited some of my friend's family, and went to dinner. we didn't have energy for much more than that.
  • the second day, kisha and i slept late, walked on the beach and took pictures, and napped. everyone else went fishing and all got sick, except for 1 or 2. we had freshly caught fried halibut for dinner.
  • tuesday was spent visiting the shops in Homer, the town where we stayed. dinner was at a somewhat fancy restaurant.
  • wednesday we traveled several hours to go take a 6 hr dinner cruise out to a glacier. we saw whales, sea lions, porpoises, and lots of other wildlife. we watched huge pieces break off the glacier. it sounded like thunder. we got home around 1 am.
  • thursday we got up at 7 or 7:30 because we had a 4 hr trail ride to get to. we rode on the beach, through rivers and streams, through a trail, and up and down a very steep hill and/or mountain. it was super fun! we had dinner later that evening at another expensive/fancy restaurant.
  • friday kisha and i spent recuperating from the horseback ride. we were pretty exhausted and sore. we read, relaxed, and enjoyed the view out the huge windows in the living room of the house where we stayed.
  • saturday we attended the wedding of one of kisha's cousins. then we met some people for dinner. we used to go to church with them, and now they live in alaska. after that we headed to the airport.
the trip was great. alaska is beautiful!

this past weekend i went to ohio to visit a friend who is working at a camp there. he is leaving for seminary in seattle in just a few weeks and isn't able to make it back home before then. the drive was around 8 hours, and i traveled alone. i had a good time though. i stayed at the camp and had my own room/bathroom since most of the other counselors were gone for the weekend. i climbed their rock climbing tower thing, and it scared the crap out of me. it was good to just hang out and catch up on life. and get the crap scared out of me. ha.

i should be all moved this week...I HOPE! i am ready to be settled somewhere...right before i am uprooted again. i am still super excited about moving to kentucky! i am looking forward to seminary. i will write more about that later, but this post is already long. until next time...

also...yes i proofread this post but the only thing i tried to fix were spelling errors. i didn't take time to do anything with commas and such. i'm too tired.

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