Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts on the Gosselins

I really hope that Jon and Kate can work out their problems and stay together. I hope that they seek God in this time and do what is best in the eyes of God and best for their children. Everyone struggles, everyone stumbles. Jon and Kate are no different and shouldn't be expected to be perfect just because they are in front of the camera. As professed Christians, there are certain expectations, but let us not forget to have compassion and mercy. As silly as it may seem for me to care about a family I only know through TV, I am really rooting for The Gosselins. They are real people with real children. They are human. Gossip is gossip, whether it's about someone we know or about a "celebrity" on tv. We should speak words that build people up, words that encourage and inspire. We should speak truth. (A post on lies and deception is for another day...). I hope that Jon and Kate have friends, pastors, family, or anyone who can minister to them during this time, intercede to God on their behalf, and help them find their way. I pray they will trust God enough to follow his voice, even if that means ending their show or a decrease in their income. I pray they get their priorities in order and realize that an ongoing, growing relationship with God is essential to being a good spouse and parent. I pray that they realize how important a loving and caring marriage centered around God is to being a good parent. I always feel sad for the children in these situations. They are innocent and usually the ones hurt the most. May God restore this family. Or maybe I should say, I pray the family chooses God's restoration and healing.


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AWESOME post Sara!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amen Sista!