Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bits and pieces

First- Jeremy came home from the hospital yesterday! Thanks to everyone for praying!

Second- I went to my dermatologist yesterday to get my Accutane prescription. He informed me that my cholesterol is slightly high and that I will probably want to eat low fat/low cholesterol while on the Accutane because it can make your levels spike. This news wasn't overly surprising because I remember my pediatrician telling me when I was bout 8 that I had high cholesterol. SO now I'm all freaking out about heart disease and such and spent $53 at Kroger stocking up on yummy food that is also good for me. I will also start exercising. In fact, I walked from my house to CVS and back today (according to mapquest, it's 2.88 miles round trip). I might as well use the high cholesterol as motivation to take care of myself and get healthy.

Third- I finally got my Chacos. I wound up having to order the wide size (I have a wide foot...eep!), which they didn't have in the color I originally wanted. So, I got these:

So far I like them, even though I have blisters on my feet at the moment. Once I get them worn in it shouldn't be a problem.

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