Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tough Day

So...the job cuts started today. My friend Amy got cut, as did another girl in our office. All the kid people (like me) find out tomorrow. What we are hearing now is that even if our positions aren't cut immediately, they will be cut by next year. I'll be okay. I can take out loans and go back to school, but some people don't have that option. Please be in prayer for all the people that are being affected by job cuts. This is definitely one of those times where I realize, "Oh yeah, I'm am adult now."


patty said...

I hate that you are having to go through this with your job, but you know that God will take care of you. I'm excited for you about school.....that will be great! I'll be praying that your stress level stays down and that you will have peace about what you decide to do!

Karen said...

I am praying for you. I still have those "I am an adult" moments too. I had one just this morning when I hadn't slept well and I still had to get up and go to work. Then I had one a few weeks ago when I realized I had a whole other life to take care of from here on out. Its strange, and sometimes those moments hurt a little but you can do it. Just one day at a time!

Amanda Bull said...

I'm praying for you.

I like yo peeps. I'm the pink one in the front row.

Also, what up with the Big Love finale? Crazazay. Are they gonna make us wait five years for another season?