Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let the worship eagles fly

This post is for Amanda. She and I thoroughly enjoy the Stuff Christians Like blog. Really, check it out. Anyhoo, last Sunday I went to my mom and dad's church. They were singing a song, I was kinda singing along, but not really because I don't think I knew the words. WELL. They get to this one part, I promise I thought they were singing, "Let the worship eagles fly!" I was like, "WAIT. STOP. WHAT?!?! They know about the worship eagles, too????" Needless to say, that was NOT what they were singing, and I laughed at my ridiculousness.


Tam said...

that's funny! When Bradley (my cousin) was little and we would sing the song..."Just a little talk with Jesus", he thought we were saying....Just a little chocolate Jesus".

Isn't that too funny?

Amanda Bull said...

LOL! Worship eagles and chocolate Jesus. Awesome. He should do a post about people singing the wrong words to hymns. We have some great material!

Karen used to sing "Flour in the Blood."

Sara said...

Tammy: that is too funny! I seriously laughed out loud when I read that.