Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prayers Please

As anyone who lives in my family's town knows, a little girl named Korley died today. She was the niece of one of my friends. Korley was waiting on a lung transplant. Please pray for her family.

Another little girl who I only know about through the blog world found out yesterday that her brain tumor has come back. Kate is only 6 years old. She was diagnosed a year and a half ago and was recently doing well. No, I don't know her, and I can't even begin to imagine the devastation her family is feeling. But, I can pray for her...we can pray for her. From the blog:

"We are crushed. Kate is heartbroken. And we need God's miraculous intervention. Please pray. Please ask others to pray for our sweet baby. I know she is one child among many battling. But she is our daughter, and she is a sister, and a niece, and a granddaugther. Please pray that God would spare her from this disease. Please."

So I ask that you please, please pray for Kate.


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