Tuesday, March 31, 2009


...not much going on today. I finished "The Shack" and have started on "Crazy Love." I enjoyed "The Shack" a lot. I love books that you can discuss with other people. It's always fun to get different opinions and perspectives.

I should hear something about my job this week. I'm not worried about the outcome of the budget woes. I just need an answer so I can make some decisions. My friend Tommy is still looking for a job. If you don't mind, please say a prayer he finds something before his current job ends.

Also, I am looking into starting school in the fall...seminary, to be exact. I go in a couple weeks to visit Asbury Seminary in KY. I will have to take out loans for at least my first year, as I missed the deadline to apply for scholarships. I know this might seem like a HUGE request, but if you feel led, would you please pray that God provides the funding. It's a pretty ridiculous number for someone like me. But, I know God can provide. At first, I felt guilty for even considering praying for the money. Then, I felt convicted for feeling guilty and felt like God was saying, "Just ask." Do I think he was telling me he was sending me a check for several thousand dollars? No. I think he was saying, "Just ask. Trust me. I will provide. You will have the funding or at least peace of mind when you take out loans." So. I am asking. If you feel led to pray, too, then please do.

Completely changing the subject: I slept 11 hours last night.


Barry said...

Asbury? Really? I checked them out but didn't do a lot of research on them. Are you looking into that because it is close enough to home?

And 11 hours?! Jeeeezzz.

LaDonna said...

Sara, God cares about everything that concerns us, even money for school. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope your visit to the school goes well. Love you.